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Artists Biography

In 2020 I moved to the picturesque village of Nidd in North Yorkshire and found myself immersed in the local landscape as I walked the same routes every day for exercise whilst in national lockdown.

My walks took me along the Nidd Gorge where the river and the magnificent viaduct inspired me to make paintings, along the quiet back road to and from Nidd and through parkland with open spaces, trees and a circuit through farmland, fields and woods.

 Setting myself a challenge to paint foliage I started by observing the trees from the low viewpoint of the road where they tower above almost enveloping you.

What inspires me most are the light effects throughout the day and colours of the different seasons, especially the dramatic long shadows of evening and the bright, beautiful, spring and summer sunlight. I like to emphasise and heighten these to give the paintings drama and vibrancy.

Autumnal Inspiration came from a visit to the Yorkshire Arboretum when government restrictions were briefly relaxed and the trees were in glorious colour.

While out walking I take many reference photos of fleeting light effects to use  back in the studio where I compose my larger paintings. Smaller works are painted, where possible, en plein air, directly from the landscape.

The paintings are a record of my first year living in this countryside and alongside these, I've painted the view from my windows at home and  my studio, Brigatte Art, in Knaresborough where I spent a lot of time during lockdown.

In  the summer of 2020 I joined a national initiative to paint portraits of NHS workers and worked intensively over a few weeks to produce seven portraits that were later sent to their recipients.

Excited to be spending a lot of time painting and continuing to work locally and at my studio I'm planning on contributing to local art trails, exhibitions and competitions in the near future.

Recent Projects

For the summer of 2021with covid restrictions eased I participated in Knaresborough's local festival FEVA with an open studio and Angel paintings in St.Johns church. 

The Angels alongside my landscapes were then briefly shown as part of the NiddArttrail in an exhibition of my work at Nidd church.

The Grove Road Angel (strength)

Inspired by the beautiful angel monuments I find in cemeteries I was captivated by the strength and power of the Grove Road Angel.

As a sculptor myself I relate to the skill and workmanship of the original creator.

The statue, still standing within a quiet place of remembrance, through decades and in all weathers, has stood the test of time.

The Harlow Hill Angel (Vulnerability)

I found this second angel monument in Harlow Hill cemetery, Harrogate. She stands quietly at a far point within the cemetery landscape not too far from a busy road. While other monuments around her are lying on the ground she stands looking vulnerable.

The angels speak to me of the human condition and how I feel within this world. I would like to draw attention to them and celebrate creativity.

This has been a very enjoyable painting project, combining my love of landscape and sculpture and painted in a small room at my Briggate Art Studio in Knaresborough.

I intend these to be the start of an ongoing project.

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